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In 20th century Electronic gadgets and devices have became part of humans every day life. An electronics engineer should have a sound understanding of basic electronic device and circuit concepts to design better future electronic appliances. This site provides you with information related to electronic devices and their applications such as various types of amplifier circuits, switching circuits e.t.c. A quiz is also provided to asses your understanding.

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Electrical Power System

Electricity is an important energy which became life part of an human. The generated electricity will be transferred to consumers through various electrical devices and machines. The site provides basic tutorials on electrical devices like Electrical transformer, Electrical circuit breaker and switch gear, Electrical Generator, Power electronics tutorials etc. A Brief Question and answer articles are provided on transformer and circuit breaker.

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Electrical Power Plant

Electrical Power Plant converts one form energy in to electrical energy. It consists of various mechanical and electrical components. The site provides tutorials on power plant component operations and their controls. Generator Synchronization procedures, Deaerator level and pressure controls, Solar power plant component details are explained. 

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Control System

Control system is an important and ubiquitous component for controlling a process machinery. An efficient control system enhances the productivity and reduces the manual intervention. One must have sound knowledge in controlling equipment and methods. The concepts related to various controllers and methods are explained briefly in the theory.

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