741 opamp

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741 Opamp Pin configuration

The pin configuration of opamp is as follows

Where pins 1 and 5 showing Offset Null’s along with potentiometer arrangement are used to nullify offset voltages. Positive offsets are nullified with pin 1 and negative offsets are nullified using pin 5.+Vcc  and -Vcc are positive and negative supply voltages respectively generally within a range of + or _12 to + or – 24 .

Pins 2 and 3 are inverting and non inverting input terminals respectively. Maximum differential input voltages will be specified in datasheets which should be exceeded, Opamp may get damaged due to high power dissipation. Pin 6 is single ended output terminal from which output will be taken.

Characteristics of 741 Opamp

Typical Characteristics of 741 opamp for general purpose at T=25 Deg C,

  • Supply voltage around 12 volts
  • Operating temperature range 0 degrees to 70 degrees for military grade it is -55 to 130 Deg C
  • Vcc of the range + or -18 with Output Voltage swing with load resistance 10 kilo ohms + or -14 volts
  • Maximum power consumption (dissipated in opamp) around 80 milli watts
  • Slew rate 0.5 volt/micro second
  • Input Resistance 2 mega ohms
  • Output resistance 75 ohms
  • CMMR (90 db) i.e differential gain/Common mode gain= 31600
  • Offset voltage 7 milli volts
  • Offset current 20-200 nano amps maximum
  • Input Bias Current 80-500 nano amps maximum

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