AND gate operation

AND Gate Definition

It is logic gate to perform a logic and operation where the output becomes true when all the inputs are true.  It can be two input or multi-input based on the requirement. It is also called as sequential check gate i.e. if u want to check a condition in which two sequential signals should be true then the two input signals can be connected to AND gate and output of AND gate can be taken as controlling command.

AND Gate symbol

AND Gate Symbol


AND Gate truth table:


AND Gate realization using Diodes:

AND gate using Diodes

AND gate using Diodes

The above circuit diagram shows the realization of AND gate using diodes. It consists of two PN junction diodes where the inputs A and B are connected to cathode terminal and positive V (5 v) volts are connected to anode terminal through a resistor. Let us suppose input high level is 5V and low level is 0 V i.e. when the input is high the corresponding gate will have 5V on cathode and 5V anode which results in reverse biasing the diode and hence no current flow through the diode. If suppose when the inputs are high, then both diodes are reverse biased and the V volts will be presented at the output. The total operation truth table of AND gate using diodes is depicted in the following table.

AND Gate realization using Transistors

AND gate using Transistor

AND gate using Transistor

AND Gate realization using CMOS:

AND Gate using CMOS

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