Why taping is connected to high voltage side?

The transformer taping connected generally to high voltage winding side because

  1. The high voltage winding is wounded over low voltage winding and accessing of that winding is easy compared to low voltage winding.
  2. In high voltage side, the current is less and the flash over during tap changing is less in the case of on-load tap changer.

Why high voltage winding is wounded over low voltage winding?

In low voltage winding the current flowing is high compared to high voltage winding ad hence I2R (core losses) losses are high which produces high heat. So, the low winding is wounded inside to avoid this heating affect to the transformer casing because of the large gap. Till that heat reaches the cooling medium removes the heat.

What are the methods of transformer cooling?

Transformer cooling is used to remove the heat produced in it.

Dry type transforms:

  1. Self-air cooled (up to 3 MVA):
  2. Forced Air Cooled (Up to 15 MVA):

Oil immersed type:

  1. Oil-Immersed Self cooled: 
  2. Oil-Immersed forced air cooled:
  3. Oil-Immersed water cooled: 

What is step-up transformer?

Step-up transformer is a transformer whose secondary voltage is higher than the primary voltage. To do this the secondary coil tunes are wounded high compared to the primary coil turns. This transformer has main application in power plants where the generation voltage has to be stepped up to transmit for long distance.

What step-down transformer?

Step down transformer is a voltage down transformer where the secondary voltage is less compared to primary voltage. This is achieved by providing lower turns of coil in secondary compared to primary. The main application of this type of transformer is in distribution side where as the transmitted high voltage has to be stepped down to distribute it for households purposes.

What is voltage transformer?

Voltage transformer is sometimes called as potential transformer which is used to measure the voltage of the line. Basically it is a step down transformer which reduces the line voltage to minimum voltage (safe voltage) which a voltage meter can measure. It also isolates the high voltage line and metering circuit to safe guard the metering circuit during a fault condition.

Voltage Transformer connection diagram

Voltage Transformer connection diagram

Voltage transformers are usually connected between line and ground in which it is protected with the fuses.

What is current transformer?

Current transformer is an instrument transformer used to measure the current flowing through the windings. Normally primary winding will be single wire and secondary will be many turns so the secondary measuring current will be less. The current transformers can be used for metering purpose or for protection purpose. The output of the CT will be normally 5 or 10 amps. So according to the turn’s ratio will be arranged. Figure shows the arrangement of CT where the primary conductor carrying current induces the magnetic flux in secondary turns to produce the respective turns.

Current transformer

What is power transformer?

Power transformer is a transformer used to transmit the power from the generating station to the destination. These are big in size and used for large power applications. These are typically used between the two ends of transmission lines to step-up the voltage at the generating end of transmission line and to step down the voltage at the receiving end of the transmission side.

 What is a distribution transformer?

Distribution transformer is basically a step down transformer which decreases the transmission high voltage in to low voltage. As the name specifies it distributes the power for various house and industrial purposes with a reduced end user voltage. So the load fluctuations are very high on these transformers. These are normally operated less power compared to power transformers.  These transformers are also provides isolation between primary and secondary to limit the secondary fault current. The power should be passed through the distribution transformer before supplying it to the end user.

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